Wolfenstein II Review: The sequel you’ve been waiting for
November 5, 2017

Who knew killing Nazis was this much fun?

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the sequel to probably one of the best first person shooter games. This sequel stay true to the concepts of the first game which made it great, and just like with every game sequel, up the ante to deliver a worthy continuation to the Wolfenstein storyline.

Picking up where the first game concluded, B.J. Blazkowicz was rescued after being wounded from a grenade thrown by General Deathshead. He wakes up five months later from a coma where he then continues his quest to defeat Deathshead. Previous characters also make an appearance, and will join you in the fight to defeat the Nazi regime currently occupying the northern US.

Just like the first game, you deal with various enemies that range from the simple Nazi soldiers to the huge mecha-monsters. Killing them is fun, and it is one of the stronger points of The New Colossus. Fights are telling and challenges you to be at your best and the game gives you a choice on how you would approach a mission – I personally want to go in guns blazing.

You can upgrade your weapons by completing certain tasks and even get body modifications to make yourself more badass. But despite its focus on glorified violence, The New Colossus doesn’t forget its characters and offers an engaging storyline that other games fail to achieve. You actually care for each and every one of the characters that you control in the game.

The single player game will keep you busy for the most part of the 15-hour gameplay – but it’s so good and awesome that once it’s done there’s that certain feeling that makes you want to play it again.

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