12 Days of Tech: Valentine’s Day #WishList Day 3

February 4, 2015

Traveling for a romantic weekend? You’ll need the best transportable companions to keep your belongings safe and sound no matter how far or close the destination. These trolley cases are featured in the English Edition of our Beirut February issue, for the matching dream team. Start packing the tech.

Delsey Chatelet

delsey chatelet.jpg

Whether you’re leaving for a weekend getaway with your honey or have a last-minute business trip to get to post V-Day, this 100% virgin Makrolon polycarbonate and leather trolley is a chic and practical buddy for just about any trip. The sleek contrasting shades and high-end finish packages the classy fascia with the functionality thanks to the new integrated brake system and silent-running wheels. You can pack everything from shirts to toiletries with smart fittings. Storage covers also ease the packing and just in case you’re a bit clumsy or forgetful, there’s a plate on the rear bearing your name and information in case it gets lost, so you’ll be easily reachable on the web through e-mail.


Delsey Helium


An iconic design and ultra-light build makes this girly trolley a delight to travel with. Regular zip fasteners and the Securi Tech Zip are among the features that give you a high degree of security in about any location. It’s so light and resilient with zip fasteners that are 41 times stronger than regular ones. Like the Chatelet model, the smooth exterior is also made of 100% Makrolon virgin polycarbonate. Being jetset in pink is a good look.




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