12 Days of Tech: Valentine’s Day #WishList Day 6

February 7, 2015

Note for blowing the budget: go big or go home. If that’s your motto these days, it’s simply a reflex to go for giving your love something they’ll never forget. Enrapturing nothing less of extravagance for V-Day, these picks will beat Cupid’s arrow.

Sleep Number Bed

Is snoring an issue that may be bringing some discomfort to your snooze? Want to be a smart sleeper? Learn how to get your ideal slumber with the Sleep Number bed that uses Sleep IQ technology, which tracks your sleep during the night while using Dual-Air chambers. These are used to provide precise feedback on how you’ve slept, how the day affected your sleep, if you got up or moved at all, and more. Based on the combined data, the mattress can be controlled to elevate in certain areas, so you can reach the ultimate sleep position along with factors coming into play like your best wake-time.

$999.98, sleepnumber.com

Casio Gravitymaster GPW-1000 Series

If you feel like your love transcends this planet, this watch is a perfect example of that. The maker of the G-Shock brings us the first GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid, which boasts Casio’s GPS Hybrid radio-controlled technology. The watch can get one of six time-calibration signals worldwide thanks to its Multi-band 6 capability. It also has the 1/20 chronograph and Full Auto calendar. A beeper alarm, world timer, and hand home position are some other features boasted.

$950, gravitymaster.eu


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