5 Things You Didn’t Know About the New MacBook Pro
October 31, 2016

Can you live with these changes?

The MacBook Pro’s latest update features some of the most advanced technologies placed inside a notebook computer. Many praised the new Touch Bar, bigger Force Touch trackpad and that brilliant display, but many were torn at the increased pricing – guess everything comes at a price right?

But aside from the nifty new features, here are five new things that Apple did not announce during it latest keynote.

Not all Thunderbolt ports run at full speeds

The MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar has four USB-C ports which can handle both data and video. But support documents confirm that the only two of the four ports (the ones on the left side) will offer full Thunderbolt 3 support. Not to say that it’s not compatible, but that would mean the two ports on the right side with still have Thunderbolt functionality albeit in reduced speed.

The MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar and MacBook Pro without Touch Bar all have its ports operating at full bandwidth.

The familiar chime sound is now gone

Remember that chime that you hear when you turn on the Mac? The F-sharp tone has been a staple part of the Mac since 1998 – but it’s the first time that Apple has eliminated it all together on the new MacBook Pro.

Additionally, the new MacBook Pros instantly turn on when you open the lid of the computer – eliminating the need for you to push the power button. Whether that can be a nuisance or convenience is up to you.

The Touch Bar runs its own OS

The Touch Bar may be the newest innovation introduced by the Cupertino company. But it doesn’t act as a second screen, but it actually runs on its own OS. You may have heard that the OLED-based Touch Bar has its own custom Apple T1 chipset so naturally that means that it would need its own OS to run it.

It runs on a variation of watchOS and uses the ARM architecture to work alongside macOS. This works in a similar way that Touch ID has its own chip to securely store and authenticate fingerprints on iOS devices.

It includes a user-replaceable SSD

A recent teardown of the MacBook Pro 13-inch without Touch Bar revealed that the bottom part can be screwed open – and while not all of its internals are user replaceable, the SSD module is. This could probably mean that you can buy an entry level model and simply upgrade the SSD later on. Apple doesn’t recommend opening MacBooks on your own (though they previously offered the option to upgrade your hard disk on older Macs) but that could mean better flexibility for buyers of the new MacBook Pro.

Goodbye to the MagSafe

In my opinion, one of the best features of the MacBook is the MagSafe port. Most charging ports lock onto laptops, there is a good chance that you can trip over the wire and potentially dropping the notebook. But the MagSafe port uses magnets to completely secure the charging wire to the port and just in case you accidentally pull it, only the wire will be removed.

The new MacBook Pros does signal a new change in Apple’s line of professional notebooks whether we like these changes or not. Stay tuned for a full review of the new MacBook Pros only here at www.T3ME.com!

[Image credit: Apple]

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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