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6 Things We Love About the GoPro Hero 6 Black
October 1, 2017

4k 60 fps!

After all the leaks, GoPro has made the Hero 6 Black official – it’s the company’s newest action camera and the only one releasing this year (so far). If you’re on the lookout to purchase a new action camera, here’s six reasons why we love GoPro’s latest:

It shoots in 4K 60 fps

The Hero 6 Black still shoots in 4k – but has now been bumped to 60 fps for smoother video – additionally, slow motion support has also been improved: you can now shoot 240 fps slow motion video at 1080p.

Improved stabilization

The Hero 6 Black may not support OIS (optical image stabilization), but the improved stabilization system works as just as well as the optical-based one. Shaky footage will be analyzed by the camera and will crop it slightly to eliminate those unwanted shakes.

Improved internals

There’s a new Wi-Fi radio that is embedded inside the new Hero 6 Black. This will enable transfer speeds of up to three times faster than the previous generation so you can immediately transfer footage to your device and share them ASAP.

A new processor

GoPro Hero 6 Black will be the company’s first camera that will be powered by the custom GP1 processor. This will help make GoPro develop more features that can be exclusive to its own camera, and will hopefully make it harder for competitors to copy them.

Updated Karma

Despite a rough launch, the Karma drone will also receive updates as part of the Hero 6 Black’s launch. This includes a new ‘follow-me’ feature and a way make the camera point up to the sky. New bundles of the Hero 6 Black that come with the Karma drone will also be made available.

The Price

The GoPro Hero 6 Black is now available worldwide and with a local price of 1,899 AED – it’s currently the best option you can find when looking for an action camera that can shoot at 4k 60 fps!

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