“A bit of Italy” comes to Beirut in Barista fashion

May 3, 2015

If you’ve read the bio below and see some of our regular social media posts, you’ll know it’s no secret I’m pretty keen about starting my day with that regular caffeine fix with a tangy cup of coffee.


So, when Barista launched its new machine and espresso capsules last week at La Posta restaurant in Achrafieh, I was delighted to get the chance to try the new machine and the flavorful espresso produced with a simple touch of a button.


At the Italian-inspired press brunch, Roy Daniel, Managing Partner at Automatic Brewers, Mother Company of Barista, welcomed attendees, saying “We are thrilled to introduce Barista Espresso’s capsules as an extension to our already existing products which include espresso pods, espresso beans, and filter coffee. The need for a faster and trendier solution is what drove us down this road,” adding that, “The new capsules and machine are the perfect match for our consumers as they are elegant and modern, and feature the true Italian coffee experience. Moreover, Barista Espresso capsules are a more affordable alternative and compatible with Nespresso® machines, which is considered a breakthrough in the Lebanese market and the region.”


It’s always nice to get a taste of Italy in Lebanon, and well, to get that taste anywhere else in the region. The new aRoma espresso machine, isn’t just user-friendly, it’s also a great enhancement to the décor of any space in which you wish to use it in. Whether it’s placed in your office or kitchen at home, the machine is modish looking and comes in red, black and army green to suit almost all user preferences.


It’s a requisite for espresso to be at high quality and Barista nails that aspect with its coffee beans being sourced from Latin America and then roasted and packed in Lebanon. Thus, the beans remain fresh and for a very long time.


The latest capsules come in four unique flavors: the classic Auro Perfetto, Intenso, Cardamom and Decaf; all of which contain a rich aroma (suitable to the machine’s name), and of course have, a zesty taste. As for the image below, you can’t have an Italian brunch without the Vespa. 


The capsules are available in the Lebanese market and if you wish to order them online, just visit www.barista-espresso.com.


by micha
Micheline has a a sweet-tooth for dark chocolate and cappuccinos, an almost obsessive-compulsive aversion to dust on Blu-ray discs, and a passion for regularly playing tennis on her Nintendo Wii. Matched with her love of writing, she is the Editor of T3 Middle East's Levant English publication and English website, and the Associated Editor for the GCC English publication.