Apps in the time of Corona

June 2, 2020

A useful list of apps that we’ve been using during the quarantine.

We now live in a different time. While the world still battles the wrath of COVID-19, many of us are either struggling to be back on our normal routines or for some, continue working from home in a bid to be safe.

But over the past months, I’ve found that I’ve been using a new batch of apps that adapted to how I’m living with a new norm. This can be in the form of a delivery app or an app that keeps me updated with the latest news about COVID-19.

Here’s a list of apps that we’ve been using more while we’re staying and working from home:

ALHOSN UAE – This UAE-based app is named after a historical fort located in Abu Dhabi. While the app acts as a way for you to receive results if you are tested for COVID-19, the UAE government is now recommending everyone to install as a way to make contact tracing easier using  Bluetooth technology. Worried about battery drain? It has a special low power mode that doesn’t consume that much power – plus, you’re only required to open the app if you’re outside where you might encounter other people.

Download ALHOSN UAE for iOS and Android.

Sodar – This simple web app made by Google utilizes augmented reality (AR) so you know if you’re actually following the social distancing rule of staying away from people at least 2 meters apart.

Access Sodar through Note that Sodar is only available on Android devices using the Chrome browser.

TraceCovid – This is another UAE-based app that gives you up-to-date information about the latest numbers concerning infections and recovery rates in the country. Like ALHOSN, it also uses Bluetooth that help make contact tracing easier so you know if you might be potentially be infected when you are outside. 

Download TraceCovid for iOS and Android.

TikTok – Many might argue about this latest social media trend. TikTok offers short quirky videos that range from choreographed dances to random funny monologues. This Vine successor may have irked the eye of security professionals everywhere, but its engagement is what keeping me entertained while I quarantine myself at home.

Download TikTok for iOS and Android.

Netflix – The initial launch of Netflix here in the UAE didn’t have a lot of titles, but over the years the library has grown with various offerings in English and even Arabic. With the increasing amount of Netflix originals movies and series, you’d probably just be spending the whole day sitting on your couch or cozied up in your bedroom.

Download Netflix for iOS and Android.

ENOC Pay – In a time where contactless payments are now recommended to eliminate the need for touching different surfaces, ENOC Pay introduces their own app where you can directly pay for your petrol without handing over money or using your card. ENOC Pay can also be used for purchases in Zoom outlets nationwide.

Download ENOC Pay for iOS and Android.

Zoom – Despite initial hurdles about security and privacy, this video conferencing app is now the top choice for offices and even at home. It’s compatible with nearly every device out there, and the random funny backgrounds that you can apply make the video calls even more interesting.

Download Zoom for iOS and Android.

Emirates Loto – Since you’re at home, why not try your luck with Emirates Loto where you stand a chance to win up to 50 million AED- no kidding. You simply purchase a card for 35 AED that you can use as a raffle entry to choose six numbers with daws happening every Saturday night.

Download Emirates Loto for iOS and Android.

Fitbit – The native Fitbit app isn’t just made for connecting Fitbit hardware to your smartphone, but it’s actually a helpful app where you can record your daily workouts even without any hardware. It records activity through your smartphone’s sensors but of course, if you want the most accurate readings, a Fitbit is still recommended (which doesn’t cost that much).

Download Fitbit for iOS and Android.

McDonald’s UAE – The famous fast-food chain showcase their latest menus on its app, where you can also make your order and it will be delivered safely to your home. But not a lot of users are aware that the app also showcases daily promos that include buy one, get one deals or even discounted meals for two.

Download McDonald’s UAE for iOS and Android.

Do you have any other apps that helped you through the quarantine? Give it a shout out in the comments below!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.