Belkin at GITEX: More than just an accessory maker

October 22, 2018

We talk to Belkin and learn more about its growing portfolio of accessories made for mobile devices.

I remember first encountering Belkin a couple of years back when I reviewed some of their routers. Fast forward to today and the company now has a growing portfolio of accessories made for Apple and other Android devices.

The company was present during GITEX 2018 last week, where we managed to have a chat with Stephanie Willems, the Managing Director Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Belkin at Belkin International. They see GITEX as a way to meet with current and new customers and distributors in the region, where it coincided with a new product line that was launched after the announcements of Apple’s new iPhones.

For most consumers, choosing the right accessory can sometimes be confusing. Take wireless charging for example, where there are different specifications meant for different devices and there are times when a wireless charger meant for a Samsung device won’t work on an iPhone.

Managing Director Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Belkin at Belkin International

“[Belkin] tries very hard on the packaging and be as specific as we can so consumers can identify their phone just from the packaging,” said Willems. “Even materials that we use in-store is very specific and detailed so that consumers can find the right accessory for their device.” In addition to that, Belkin uses their website as a tool to let you easily find what you are looking for.

Belkin is one of the few accessories manufacturers that refuses to cut corners – whether it’s MFi certification, USB-IF certification for USB-C products or a connected equipment warranty that is unparalleled in the industry – consumers are getting premium quality when they buy a Belkin product. The problem though is that some consumers would still go for a cheaper knockoff, though Belkin guarantees you’re getting more than you paid for if you purchase their devices. “We are saying to the consumer that we are insuring your hardware should anything go wrong,” said Willems, which is an assurance of what you’re getting with every Belkin accessory.

Another hurdle that most accessory makers face is the ever-changing design and specifications of devices, but Belkin doesn’t see that as a problem. “We love it. We love the challenge. That simply means Belkin gets to show another story through our products,” Willems concluded.

Belkin’s current product range can be found here.

by Victor
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