Best in-ear headphones (earbuds) to buy in 2013
July 11, 2013

If you’re less than impressed with the earphones that were bundled with your iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4, fear not – there are plenty of great alternatives that ensure you won’t be suffering in silence.

Top in ear headphones will upgrade your listening experience no end, and free you from noisy passengers and sore ear canals… A pair of really good in ear headphones can assure your daily commute is kept lively and free of the incessant natterings of fellow passengers. However, where to start? Well, right here actually, with our list of top in-ear headphones you can buy right now.


1. Sony XBA-4

The feature that sets these Sony buds apart from the crowd is their four balanced drive units, which gives each ear the pleasure of a full-range driver, woofer and tweeter plus an additional super-woofer for extended sub-bass. In short, they sound incredible and the noise isolation is also top drawer, so you can really get lost in your tunes.

Price: $299 | Sony |



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2. a-Jays One+

Ear-phones have always had one particularly annoying issue, those tangled cables when you pull them out your pocket. Jays have tried to combat this perennial issue by developing a tangle resistant, flat cable and pairing it with deep bass response to give the perfect mix of practicality and sound quality. There’s also a companion Android app to give deeper sound customisation.

Price: $60 | Jays |



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3. Atomic Floyd PowerJax

With a mix of bright red, silver and black, these earphones are anything but subtle, yet it’s their durability that really makes them stand out. Sound quality is good too, with strong bass and clarity levels, though they can sometimes suffer at high volume. Great noise isolation, however, make these perfect buds for commuters.

Price: $150 | Atomic Floyd |



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4. Beyerdynamic MMX 101iE

If you’re forever answering your phone hands-free, yet don’t want to compromise the quality of your tunes, these could win you round. With ambient noise isolation for making those office calls crystal clear, a remote to quickly answer and Neodymium HD acoustic drivers for great sound, they are the full package.




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5. Bose SIE2i Sport

Bose are entering the sports-wear market with their latest pair of in ear buds, looking to pair durability with their penchant for sound quality. Packing a comfortable and secure housing, resistance to sweat and weather along with Bose’s Tri-Port headphone technology, these will make those trips to the gym far more bearable.




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6. Klipsch Image X7i

Rather than being made of the typical plastic, these headphones are in fact crafted from ceramic – the very same as your coffee mug. Klipsch claim this gives them added durability, along with a certain elegance, and we have to agree. Expect excellent sound quality coupled with a handy remote and tangle-free wires.




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7. Nocs NS400

Packing machined aluminium housings and Kevlar reinforced cables, Nocs have gone all-out to create some seriously durable buds. They’re not skimping on the sound quality either, these tiny buds deliver huge basslines with aplomb. The anti-tangle flat cable works well, and the low-profile L-jack plug should prevent cable damage longer-term. Smartphone controls are present and accounted for as well.




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8. Sennheiser CX 890i

Smartphone pack in headphones are usually pretty poor (yes, even your EarPods Apple) so to go with your shiny new device it’s best to invest in some new buds. These are small, lightweight and rugged but still offer great all-round sound quality. However, they are a tad pricy for what they are and the design doesn’t stand out from the crowd much.

Sennheiser |



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If you have money to burn, and want some small, in ear buds with sound quality to rival even the best over ear models then these IE800s from Sennheiser tick all the boxes. The durable cable is detachable and features gold plated connections at either end, while the buds themselves delivered fantastic performance from anything we threw at it. Pricey, yes… but this is luxury you can ill afford to miss.

Price: $900 | Senheisser

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