CES Throwback: Featuring the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights model

February 4, 2015

Last month at this year’s CES, BMW introduced additional laser functions as a concept of the lights flaunted on its future models.

Laserlight has been used in several ways in coordination with the automaker’s assistance systems and vehicle sensors and now, they’re being utilized more extensively with new lighting functions for enhanced safety and comfort.

We all know how great those Adaptive LED headlights look on the new 4 Series Coupe and if you’re a fan, then BMW has you in for an even higher shine. The latest BMW M4 Concpet Iconic Lights model displays a reinterpretation of the company’s twin round headlights by characterizing the inside of the lights with fine blue stripes.

bmw m4 front.jpg

As for the rear lights, OLEDs take the spot with thin layers of organic materials producing the light. The blue laser light turns into a bright white light in keeping with the natural daylight effect, thanks to the new optical system that makes the conversion. This light beam is in fact about ten times more intense than that emitted by LEDs, halogen, and xenon lights. In addition, about thirty percent less energy is consumed.

bmw m4 rear.jpg

BMW’s Laserlight has a beam that ranges up to 600 meters so safety in the dark is much improved. Another cool and useful feature is BMW’s Selective Beam system. Ever had those afternoons/nights when a car passing on the opposite lane practically blinds you with their high beams. Unfortunately, that may happen more often than not, but thankfully, with this Selective Beam System, the BMW driver can stay on the more polite side since it selects this system prevents the chance of dazzling oncoming cars.

The Adaptive Headlight control system works with the navigations system to light up corners prior to turning the steering wheel. Even people or animals are detected from as far as up to 100 meters with the Night Vision system’s Dynamic Light Spot function the uses an infrared camera.

The new model shows an evolution of the BMW L-shaped lighting design on the OLED rear light cluster turning to the form of the M-style. It’s overall appearance? You be the judge of that. 

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