Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Event: What to Expect

November 9, 2020

ARM-based MacBooks are coming.

Apple’s next big event is set to take place tomorrow November 10th, which will likely see the introduction of the Apple Silicon-based Macs the company has been teasing since the summer. This marks a big shift in Apple’s hardware strategy, where you will soon see devices that come with Apple-made hardware and software.

Here are some things that you can expect for tomorrow’s ‘One more thing’ event:

Apple Silicon

Originally teased last June, we will finally get a glimpse of the news Macs being powered by Apple Silicon. The current Mac product line is currently using Intel processors, but this change would mean that Apple could have full control over the production of its hardware. It can also help Apple further optimize its apps and the macOS operating system to achieve improved performance just like what it is currently doing on its iPhone and iPad line.

Expect the new Apple Silicon Macs to be powered by the latest A14 Bionic CPU.

Some of the rumored new notebooks debuting with Apple Silicon will arrive in the form of a new MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air. It won’t have any big changes in design, but sources said that a new 14-inch screen size might be introduced with the MacBook Pro sometime next year.

That being said, Apple did say it will not immediately abandon Intel on its Mac lineup, and suggests that it will take around two to completely transition the Mac lineup to Apple Silicon.

macOS Big Sur

macOS’ next big update could finally get a release date as early as tomorrow. Big Sur brings radical new changes to the Mac, including a visual overhaul with redesigned icons and a plethora of new features.

Big Sur will also enable iPad and iPhone apps to run natively on the Mac, which could also mean that we’re seeing a more unified ecosystem across all of Apple’s software.

The other things

While not explicitly mentioned, several rumors online also point to a new Apple TV 4K being announced, as well as the long-rumored AirPods Studio headphones and AirTags accessories. 

Apple’s One More Thing Event starts at 10 pm tomorrow, UAE time. Stay tuned for our coverage.

by Victor
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