Facebook will try to convince you why data collection is a good thing

February 2, 2021

How important is privacy for you?

In case you aren’t aware, Apple’s stand on privacy is reaching new heights and may have gotten in the way of how some apps operate. Its new App Tracking Transparency feature will now require apps to explicitly ask permission from users to track and collect data.

While an easy answer to this would probably be no, Facebook retaliated against the change and said that restricting data collection could potentially hurt how it targets ads. Facebook went into detail explaining this change and said that personalized ads are a way to support small businesses and keep apps free.

Facebook gets most of its revenue from ads and has already warned investors that Apple’s upcoming privacy chance could hurt the way ads arrive at users if data tracking is blocked. Facebook even went to publish full-page articles in newspapers explaining why data collection is a good thing.

It will also start showing prompts on the Facebook app telling you of the recent changes and how it can potentially affect your business or how it can change the way you see ads once you’ve restricted the app’s data collection.

“Apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work, which they regularly do, to preference their own. This impacts the growth of millions of businesses around the world, including with the upcoming iOS 14 changes. Many small businesses will no longer be able to reach their customers with targeted ads,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement.

Apple did say that data tracking is allowed as long as the app shows how you will be using their data but also mentioned that apps should respect the user’s permission settings and not make attempts on manipulating or forcing people to consent in sharing their own data.

What is your stand on the issue? Do you believe Facebook’s side on data collection? Share your thoughts in the comments!

by Victor
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