Here’s why ‘Drive and Listen’ is my new favourite website

April 20, 2021

Go on long drives right in the comfort of your own home.

While I spending countless hours scrolling through TikTok (admit it you do it too), I came across this one video that showcased a website called ‘Drive and Listen’. The website lets you take on virtual road trips from the first-person point of view, driving across popular and scenic routes of famous cities around the world.

In a time where travel is limited, it became a way for me to feel the sense of the outdoors especially when lockdowns were imposed around the world. But even as we are now able to go out, I still visit the website just to reminiscence the time I drove around downtown LA or walked the streets to Manhattan.

Nearly every major city you can think of is there: Moscow, Munich, Seoul, and Toronto. What’s more, you can even turn on the radio and listen to local radio stations from that place. Along with that, you can also turn on ambient street noise just to add that bit of realism while you are on a drive.

This made me remember the time when I was actually driving down Park Ave. in Manhattan.

The quality is great since the drives were captured in high resolution, giving you the illusion that you are actually in the driver’s seat. The website was launched last year by Turkish graduate student Erkam Seker while he was studying in Munich.

The website recently went viral on TikTok after it was recommended by multiple users. The hashtag #driveandlisten currently has 64 million views on the popular social media platform.

You can check out Drive and Listen here, and hopefully, they add cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi soon.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.