‘Contagion’ and other movies about the pandemic that you can binge

March 16, 2020

Watch these movies and series while you’re on quarantine.

The COVID-19 threat is real – with most offices and schools now working in quarantine, people are resorting to different ways on how to do indoor activities. Fortunately, streaming services and internet connections are still reliable so you can easily stream these movies and shows.

Contagion – Probably one of the best portrayals of a pandemic, this 2011 movie features an ensemble cast dealing with a worldwide pandemic that eerily predicts what is happening today. Its aim is to not freak you out, but to give you an idea how a virus easily spreads.

Outbreak – This classic 1995 movie was a box office hit despite the average reviews. It also features an all-star cast, and while it has the typical Hollywood flare, it’s a peek at how people will go to great lengths to control a pandemic.

12 Monkeys – This futuristic post-apocalyptic movie brings the main character played by Bruce Willis who travels back in time to find a cure for the virus that wiped out most of humanity.


World War Z – This zombie-themed action thriller stars Brad Pitt as a father trying to get back to his children while the world gets ravaged by flesh-eating zombies.

Dawn of the Dead – This remake directed by Zack Snyder pits different characters inside a locked mall. The gory and bloody take on the George Romero classic is one of the few ‘Dead’ movies that we actually love.

Children of Men – Another masterpiece by Alfonso Cuaron, this post-apocalyptic movie is set in a world where there is no human being born in the last 18 years, which could trigger the extinction of humanity.

Rec – The movie started a new trend of found footage movies, but Rec is one of the few that is actually scary.

I Am Legend – This Will Smith action film puts a spin on the question ‘what if you thought you were the last man on Earth?’

28 Days Later – While the movie doesn’t explicitly say zombies, the movie takes on a new virus that starts infecting people and turning them into flesh-eating monsters.

The Strain – This series puts an interesting take on a virus that turns people into vampires.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.