Drones galore for Parrot

October 25, 2015

Entire line of drones were showcased at GITEX Technology Week.

One of the highlights of GITEX Technology Week was the focus on drones, which have now gained traction and popularity on the commercial and personal side. Parrot is undoubtedly one of the front-runners in drone technology, in which I’m sure you are already familiar with some of their products.

GITEX Technology Week is an opportunity for the company to display their newly launched Mini drones in the market along with its popular Bebop drone line and the Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones.

The Parrot Mini drones will have 13 product variations in three product classes, each with its own unique feature.

The ‘Jumping’ drone can roll, rush, zigzag and can jump a height of more than 80 centimeters high and includes a wide-angle camera along with a microphone and a speaker. It includes a ‘Night’ version with LED lights, and a ‘Race’ version that can travel up to 13 km/hr.

The ‘Airbone’ drones are quadcopters that perform flips and can race in the air at 18 km/hr. It has two versions, a ‘Night’ version with built-in LEDs and a ‘Cargo’ version that can carry figures and bricks like Lego.

Lastly, the ‘Hydrofoil’ drones let you run the device on land and water where it can reach top speeds of 10 km/hr.

All of these drones can be controlled via a mobile app (FreeFlight 3) that you can download on iOS and Android devices and are now available on major retailers nationwide.

Judging by the positive feedback they have seen for their line of products, François-Xavier Charbonnel, Sales Manager Middle East, Africa & India said, “The positive feedback gives us more visibility in the channel. We have had special dedicated areas just for these drones in selected retailers where users can see these drones in action.”

He also elaborated upon products like these that are now being controlled using mobile devices. “Everything is now related to the smartphone,” he said. “Whatever you do – everything is now being controlled by a mobile device. Hence, from the beginning when we first made our devices, the idea of a smartphone controlling has always been there. And since Parrot has always been experts in wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can see all of our products revolve around that concept.”

Moreover, just like how drones evolve with newer technology being developed, Parrot promises to innovate more on drone technologies made for three fields: precision agriculture, safety and 3D mapping.

Stay tuned for a review of some of Parrot’s mini drones only at T3ME.com!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.