Editor’s Pick: Luxe collabos
October 22, 2014

Not all collaborations are considered to be success stories in the eyes of even the most easygoing of critics, but there’s no denying that once a match in style heaven is made, it’s easy to take full notice. The following, in particular, quickly made it on our relatively early holiday wish list. Which would you want to stuff the stockings on the chimney?

Samsung Gear VR

gear vr.jpg

As featured in the English edition of our October issue, Samsung’s first Gear virtual reality headset is a product of the Korean giant’s teaming with Oculus. The Gear VR is immensely immersive-just like what an out-of-this-world experience should feel like. Connect to the Note 4 with touch panels located on the right and left of the VR to control it with full power. The comfy design comes courtesy of the flexible and smooth cushioning along with a viewing realm that transcends the peripherals.


Fendi for Beats by Dre headphones


Following collaborations with some of the top worldwide fashion houses like Alexander Wang and Rebecca Minkoff, Beats by Dr. Dre has recently teamed up with one of Italy’s style leaders: Fendi. Already seen on the ears of fashionistas like Anna Dello Russo, these hot headphones come in Selleria leather (synonymous to the brand’s luxury handbags) with the “FF” logo on the side. Choose between hues of asphalt, fire engine red, emerald green, and sunflower yellow.

beatsbydre.com/headphones, out late 2014

Vertu for Bentley

vertu for bentley.jpg

When two luxury kings join, it’s only logical to expect an ultra lavish result. So, in this case we won’t tell you to expect the unexpected. Just 2,000 iterations of this handset will be available for purchase and with a price tag of about $16,000, it’s not too hard to see why. Made of a Newmarket tan diamond quilted leather with exclusive Bentley content (including a custom clock and wallpaper) and grade 5 titanium casing, this Vertu is an echo of the auto brand’s renowned sophistication. It’s built on Vertu’s famous Signature Touch model with the Bentley metal wing badge sported on the front. As for the specs, the 4.7” 1080p display is coupled with 64GB of storage, a 13MP rear camera, and it’s tuned with Bang & Olufsen audio.



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