ESET at GITEX: Why security can’t be taken for granted

October 22, 2018

We talk about everything cybersecurity with one of the top security vendors in the world.

ESET has been in the security scene for quite some time now, and the evolving threats being discovered only means that the company needs to evolve in the same way. This is one of the main reasons why the company has actively participated at GITEX Technology Week every year.

Fresh from being named as the number 1 security vendor in the European Union, ESET’s participation is a means to meet new and existing customers along with a chance to showcase its newest products.

Dimitris Raekos, General Manager at ESET Middle East told T3 Middle East the company has been busy with the recent launch of different security solutions in the past months, which was highlighted in what he says was a bad year in IT security. “Here in the Middle East, there were so many attacks [last year] that included various ransomware where most companies have seen millions of dollars in losses. But it also meant that people are now more aware of it – IT security became mainstream,” Raekos said. He pointed out that before, most attacks would only occur on PCs but now, even mobile phones can be compromised especially when you download fraudulent apps.

Dimitris Raekos, General Manager at ESET Middle East

Even IoT devices have vulnerabilities that some users may not know about. Raekos said that smart speakers for example that have internal microphones may have already started recording your conversations.

We also asked ESET on how it tackles the security threats that come nearly every single day, where it becomes even more complicated to stop. Raekos’ response was impressive: “As a security company, we’re mitigating these risks via ESET’s multi-layer technology. This would allow us to detect different vulnerabilities even when your system isn’t patched to recognize it, which, as we know could take a while.”

ESET’s main aim is to keep your system safe no matter how old it is or even if it wasn’t updated. This testament was proven once Raekos said that ESET still supports Windows XP – an operating system that Microsoft no longer officially supports but some consumers still use.

Part of the reason Raekos believes on why some companies still get compromised from attacks specifically here in the UAE is the lack of certain regulations from the government for businesses. Some companies are not willing to invest in data security unless something has already happened or if it was mandatory. “There’s a lot of work to be done, but I believe we’re going towards a positive direction,” Raekos concluded.

ESET’s entire suite of security solutions can be found here.

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