Finding Balance: A gallery of photos showcasing life during Ramadan
May 19, 2019

Check out these images shot by Ola Allouz and Mansour AlSofi.

Ramadan is usually a time self-reflection and finding a renewed sense of balance in life – this could be in a form of physical activity or simply spending time with friends and family. In celebration of the holy month, Apple has collaborated with photographers Ola Allouz from the UAE and Mansour Alsofi from Saudi Arabia in a campaign called ‘Finding Balance’ where they set out to capture images that showcase moments during Ramadan.

Using an iPhone XS, these moments include family, reflection and even daily routines – all of which aim to deliver the message: Finding balance during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ola Allouz

“I enjoyed working on this collection of photos as it reflects a personal principle that I try to follow every year. I strive to achieve balance during the month of Ramadan by spending time nurturing my spiritual side and connecting with family and friends while ensuring that this time is of quality and away from external influence,” said Ola Allouz.

Mansour AlSofi

Mansour, on the other hand, shared how important the images are to him. “This collection of photos felt really special to me since it reminds of the importance of achieving balance and focusing on important things in all aspects of our lives especially during these holy days,” he said.

Shot by Mansour AlSofi

The photographer also highlighted a few tips and tricks that you can follow so you can always get the best shot from your iPhone.

Shot by Ola Allouz

Location – Before beginning your photo session, draft a plan on when and where you will be doing it. Also, consider the type of images you want to capture. If you want more reflections, then maybe a place with lots of water could be considered.

Team spirit – If you’re capturing people, it’s best that you relay to them the moments that you want to capture. This, in turn, could create better images so you’ll get the best results.

Use Smart HDR – The iPhone XS includes a new feature called Smart HDR, which highlights the dark and bright parts of the image to deliver the best result. Smart HDR also works best when shooting fast-moving images so you’d always get a clear image.

Shot by Ola Allouz

Turn on the Grid – Turning on the Grid function on the Camera app will aid you on how to do your shots. The horizontal and vertical lines act as guides you know where to place your subjects inside the frame.

Adjust the focus – Don’t simply point your smartphone and shoot, you can take advantage of Tap to Focus to highlight your subject, and even adjust the exposure for the best lighting.

Reflections – Reflections are great images to shoot and you can do this by simply putting your iPhone on ground level so you’re as close to the water as possible to capture the reflection. A trick I usually use to capture ground-level reflection is turning the iPhone upside down so the lens is close to the ground.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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