Five apps for your Fun Friday

August 1, 2014

Featured in our July Beirut English Edition issue, the following five apps aim to get your weekend off to a great start. You can trust us on that one since, as usual, all have been tested and approved.

1.)Get three-dimensional… with your pics


iOS 7.0+: iPad, iPhone, Touch


Snap an object from every angle and this app can extrapolate a 3D image from your photographs. Early days, but a very clear idea indeed.



2.)Ready for landing


iOS 7.0+: iPad, iPhone, Touch

Give the app a flight number and it’ll show you where the plane is en-route providing you with estimated arrival times and even what gate to wait at.



3.)Cook at your leisure


iOS 7.0+: iPad only

yum app.png

Like having Ready Steady Cook chefs in your larder, this trawls the web for suitable recipes to match what you bought randomly at shops.



4.)Track your fitness routines

Tribesports Training

tribesport training.jpg

Android 4.0+

A true training all-rounder, tracking runs and rides via GPS, as well as in-depth gym routines. Chart the birth of the “new you” using graphs.



5.)Stay up-to-date


newsbeat app.jpg

Android 2.3.3

Choose the topics that interest you and this will grab stories and condense them into one-minute podcasts for a personalized news hit.



by micha
Micheline has a a sweet-tooth for dark chocolate and cappuccinos, an almost obsessive-compulsive aversion to dust on Blu-ray discs, and a passion for regularly playing tennis on her Nintendo Wii. Matched with her love of writing, she is the Editor of T3 Middle East's Levant English publication and English website, and the Associated Editor for the GCC English publication.