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Game On: A lot of people really want the Nintendo Switch
May 15, 2017

Reports say users prefer the Switch more over the Xbox One and the PS4.

Even with the current power being demoed by Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4, a recent report suggests that not all users prefer more powerful machines. According to the Nielsen Games 360 Report, 16 percent of respondents aged 13 and above prefer buying a Nintendo Switch, while 15 percent said they prefer buying a PlayStation 4. 13 percent said they’d wait for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Even for non-gamers, most of the respondents also preferred purchasing a Nintendo Switch.

This somehow points to how the Nintendo Switch became one of the most sought-after devices after being released a couple of months back. Here in the UAE, the Nintendo Switch is offered through third party retailers, often times costing more than the suggested retail price – but that didn’t stop fans from getting their hands on the console, evident by sold out units in the first week of release.

Things might change after Microsoft’s Project Scorpio gets unveiled during E3, or if Sony has some exclusive titles coming up. But for now, the Nintendo Switch is part of everyone’s wish list.

by vportiz

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