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Game On: Is Atari launching a new console?
June 18, 2017

A new product from the legendary console maker is in the works.

I’m sure a lot of you know about Atari – and while that name is synonymous to the classic arcade-style games of years before, it looks like it’s making a comeback.

But it won’t be a re-release of an older console. In fact, Atari has just teased the Ataribox – though we don’t really know what it is or what it can do. Dubbed as “a brand new Atari product years in the making,” the video showcases a familiar design reminiscent of the company’s well-known products.

But Atari is mum about the new product – and no one knows what it be exactly. It’s undoubtedly gaming-related, though it might difficult for the company to release a console especially with the PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch dominating a big part of the gaming market.

Still, the Ataribox is still mysterious enough to keep us interested – and we can’t wait what it is.

by vportiz

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