GITEX Technology Week: 5 Things to Check Out

September 30, 2019

See what’s coming next in the world of technology.

GITEX Technology Week commences next week and it will again exhibit the best of what technology has to offer. This year, there will be 26 exhibiting zones that will let you experience technology in its best form – from autonomous flying taxis to AI.

Here are 5 things to check out when you visit GITEX Technology Week:

The Impact of 5G – It’s evident that 5G is slowly being adopted by the region starting with innovations from local telcos in the UAE. That’s just the start. It is expected that around 30 million 5G subscriptions will be applied just in the Middle East and Africa alone, making it one of the biggest rollouts for cellular technology in history.

But with some still questioning how the current and upcoming infrastructure will handle it, GITEX will help you understand and even experience 5G in real-life scenarios. This means that 5G will be part of the backbone of the exhibition, from conferences to workshops and of course live demos.

The Future of Mobility – Electric vehicles and even autonomous transport has already taken over the UAE and you can slowly see everyone seeing the benefits of reducing their carbon footprint. During GITEX, you’ll get the chance to attend free conferences during the exhibition that will give you a glimpse of what the future holds from various companies and startups. You might even get the chance to check out the autonomous flying taxis that might be heading to the roads, or skies, soon. 

Artificial Intelligence – We’ve been hearing Artificial Intelligence (AI) on smartphones and even other services. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. During the show, you can visit the Artificial Intelligence Zone that will offer conferences and panel discussions that will give you a better understanding of AI. 

Consumer Technology – Of course, one of the most popular applications of technology is with consumer devices. GITEX Technology Week will, of course, have a dedicated Lifestyle Tech arena where you will get to demo the latest in smart home technology along with the latest in wearables, accessories and even technology made for healthcare. 

Smart Cities Get Smarter – We already know Dubai aims to be one of the best smart cities in the world, and GITEX is the platform where we will get to see the next step in the city’s technology innovation. You can attend conferences that will cover various smart initiatives along with a peek at how Dubai is aiming to be the city of tomorrow.

GITEX Technology Week will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from the 6th – 10th of October, 2019. Stay tuned as T3 Middle East will be bringing the best tech from the show.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.