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Here is everything we know about the iPhone 8
August 6, 2017

Or the iPhone 7S or whatever you want to call it.

There’s less than a month left before Apple officially announces the next iPhone – and many are wondering what will be inside the 10 anniversary device or what it will look like. While the company is quiet about the upcoming device, numerous leaks and other details have already started popping up online.

Here is a short roundup of some of the details we know about the upcoming iPhone

  • There are rumors saying that there will be three iPhone models being released: an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus along with the 10th anniversary iPhone 8. We’re skeptical about this rumor but you never know, there’s always that ‘one more thing’ bit that surprises everyone.
  • The new iPhone will finally move to an OLED screen. While the LCD panel used for previous and current iPhones have been decent, OLED screens are obviously the next best thing.
  • Thanks to the recent HomePod firmware leak, it is somehow confirmed that the upcoming iPhone will have a nearly borderless display and a new 1125 x 2636 screen resolution.
  • Since it will feature a new A11 Fusion chip, we can safely assume that the upcoming iPhone is now capable of shooting 4K video at 60 fps – a sweet spot for videographers who use the device as an alternative.
  • Since the all-screen design will eliminate the home button, many are saying that Touch ID might be eliminated – unless they find a way to put the Touch ID sensor under the display.
  • A new feature called Face ID that could use your face to unlock the smartphone. Since it is using a dedicated camera made especially for the function, there is a chance that it could work better than the Face Unlock feature that’s been present on Android devices for many years now.
  • The vertically-placed rear cameras are still not confirmed, though we won’t know for sure what advantage it will bring as opposed to the usual horizontal placement found on the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • We do know it will run iOS 11 out of the box, but we might also get special features exclusive only to this new iPhone.
  • Since Apple has already introduced wireless charging on the Apple Watch – we could see the same technology being implemented on the new iPhone but we’re 100 percent sure that accessories like a wireless charging plate will be sold separately.
  • Users have also requested support for fast charging on the next iPhone. Apple has already implemented fast charging on the latest iPad Pros – but that can only be achieved if you are using a USB-C to Lightning cable along with the appropriate plug. If the new iPhone supports fast charging, there’s a good chance it will be similar to this.
  • Some analysts say that the new iPhone might cost $1000 – though that can only be possible if they made every part of the smartphone using premium products. Apple usually keeps low-spec’d versions for users on a budget, like what they did with the 32 GB versions of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE. Who knows, maybe they’ll keep this new iPhone’s price at a premium and release a cheaper alternative.
  • There’s a good chance the headphone jack will never come back on the iPhone, and you’ll still be stuck with the Lightning-powered EarPods. With the increasing popularity of wireless headphones, you’d hardly miss the old port.

What other features are most looking forward to see in the new iPhone? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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