Here’s 8 Things We Know about Disney+

November 11, 2018

Disney+ will be the company’s premiere streaming service.

By now you may have heard that Disney is already gearing up to launch its own streaming service called Disney+ to compete with the likes of Netflix and Starz Play. With multiple franchises under its belt, one of the biggest companies in the world certainly has what it takes to launch its own streaming platform.

Here are the 10 things we currently know about Disney+:

Animated Classics – Disney already has a strong portfolio of animated classics, which is sure to make their way to the platform (along with some of its lesser-known direct-to-video sequels) so you can watch The Little Mermaid or Aladdin any time that you want over and over again.

Pixar – Disney also owns Pixar, meaning that once Disney+ is available you’d be able to stream all the Pixar animated movies from Toy Story to The Incredibles. Along with that, you’ll have access to its library of short films that usually releases with its full-length animated features.

Star Wars – Let’s not forget that Disney also owns the Star Wars franchise, and while we already know the upcoming movies in the series, Disney+ will see exclusive new shows that will take place in the same universe. One of these is The Mandalorian and another show is being planned that takes place before the event of Rogue One.

Lucasfilm – Since Lucasfilm is also under the Lucasfilm brand that also means that they now have the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise which could make an appearance on the streaming platform. This also means that there is a potential to introduce a TV shows featuring characters from the movie that can take place in the same universe.

Marvel Studios – Of course, Disney own Marvel Studios which basically means that the entire roster of superhero movies and TV shows will be at your fingertips. We already know that Disney is planning a TV series based on Scarlett Witch and Loki, meaning that if their fate in the movies is unknown, it’s good to know we’ll get to see more of them on Disney+.

TV – There’s also a plethora of other Disney shows that are waiting to be binge-watched. I personally don’t mind spending an afternoon seeing High School Musical or maybe even old episodes of That’s So Raven.

No ads – Another thing to remember is that Disney+ promises that it will not have any ads – though we’re still thinking how much Disney will be charging for the streaming service. It could go the usual path and match the pricing of Netflix, or it can charge higher fees. We’ll only know once Disney confirms it.

Launch date – Disney+ is scheduled to be released late next year so don’t get too excited yet since you have about a year to wait for the service.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.