How technology is changing the future of public transport

June 6, 2016

From smart cars to smart buses – public transport is evolving as technology becomes more advanced.

With each city that I visit, the first thing that I usually read about is its public transport service. Ever since, we’ve always known public transport to be one of the most suitable ways to get around. I drive a car, but whenever I can I still use public transport since driving on rush hour traffic usually wears out my patience.

But the recent advancements in automotive technology has allowed various sectors to help offer better public transport services. Take for example in the city of Dubai, where a decade back riding a bus means having to wait for hours on bus shelters. Imagine that in the summer – that thought alone makes it definitely unbearable.

But fast forward to today and you can now see various advancements in the city in terms of public transportation. Buses are on time, and even if humans still drive it, the way it collects fares from customers is now different. What used to be coins being collected before boarding is now an electronic NFC-based card that you can top up with credits and use on all modes of transport in the city.

The Dubai Metro may be the crowing jewel of the city’s public transport system – it’s currently the longest driverless train in the world carries millions of passengers every year. It’s a strong example at how technology has helped evolved public transport.

Just last week, a new public transport concept has been unveiled in Beijing. Dubbed as the ‘Super Bus’, it’s an elevated bus that drives on top of cars, seemingly avoiding traffic whenever possible. The new bus concept, which allows it to carry 1200 passengers, has its wheels placed on the sides so it can freely drive over cars even when there is traffic.

This relatively simply yet genius concept could somehow solve the problems about road congestions, offering a new way for you to least enjoy your commute no matter how far.

Even the introduction of driverless vehicles mean that only a few people who could afford cars like the Tesla. If similar technologies are provided on public transportation, then it is something that everyone could definitely benefit on.

[Image credit: Dubai RTA Facebook Page]

by Victor
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