How the Apple Watch can help you stay fit and healthy this Ramadan
May 7, 2019

Turns out, Ramadan is also a time where you can be the most active.

It’s Ramadan season once again, and with it comes a range of various gatherings and festivities. This can include breaking the fast during Iftar or even spending late nights at the mall shopping to your heart’s content. While fasting is done to observe the Holy Month, it can also yield some beneficial health factors that include improved insulin sensitivity and can even reduce the risk of various diseases.

The Apple Watch isn’t just a fitness tracker, but you can utilize its features to see how you can progress your fitness goals. Some of these activities don’t even require you to go to the gym but a simple walk around the block or a 30-minute run should be able to keep you active and healthy during Ramadan – here are a couple of short workouts and tips that you can do:

For those who want to track daily routines and activities

– Even when you are at work or at home, you can use basic stretching to avoid fatigue. The Apple Watch Series 4 is able to give you reminders on taking a breath or give you a nudge if it senses that you’ve been inactive for a while. You can also try out Wakeout where you can have access to more than 600+ exercises that you can do right on the spot.

– When you go out on late night strolls at the Ramadan Night Market, your Apple Watch is already tracking your steps and calculating the calories burned. If you make it a regular activity, you’re already maintaining your daily goal.

– Apps like Calm can help you meditate especially when you’re fasting. You can also try out the yoga workout in your Apple Watch and keep track of all your workouts. Keeping calm is one way to get through a normal workday during Ramadan.

For those who like to monitor their workouts

– More active users usually start working out an hour before Iftar which can help you avoid dehydration and gain more energy. It’s also a good way to distract yourself since the last hours of the fast are usually the most difficult.

– Since the summer season is settling in, you might also consider working out indoors. If you’re using your Apple Watch don’t worry about setting the right workout since it can automatically detect which workout you are doing.

– Pace alerts on the Apple Watch will also let you know if you’re behind or ahead of any goal. This is to avoid long periods of cardio which can make you dehydrated. There’s also a Cadence feature on the Apple Watch that will keep you safe from injuries by letting you know current steps per minute so you can adjust your running technique.

– Apple Watch also includes support for GymKit, so you can easily synchronize your watch and compatible gym equipment for a more accurate reading.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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