Inventive Behavior at Arabnet 2015
March 26, 2015

A playground for startups and up-and-coming apps, the following were some of the noteworthy apps and websites we discovered at this year’s forum.


Medical convenience at its finest. Choose the type of health booking you need (clinical reservation or a house-visit) followed by when you need it along with the specialty and location and voila! You get the results to avoid any hassle getting a Doctor’s appointment.



A place where in-app advertisers can be creative, RedTroops simplifies the process of creating and launching an ad in just minutes. Using a drag-and-drop Ad builder, users can create an interactive rich-media ad for free. After, you can decide on the best app/campaign for you and buy an ad space directly from ad developers.

Shop Shop ME


The UAE’s first shopping search engine covers hundreds of online stores. Shop brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Samsung and a large variety of collections ranging over different product categories, whether it’s for a holiday-specific gift or to just get the latest trending gadget.

The Black Box

black box.jpg

Coined as “the social media printer”, all you need is a #hashtag to take your occasion to the next level. This photo booth prints full-size branded Twitter pictures.

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