iPhone 7 sold out? These stores have it – but there’s a catch

September 20, 2016

Want an iPhone 7? Then prepare to pay more.

The announcement that the iPhone 7 will launch at the same day and date as with other major territories in the world including the US and UK somehow brought good news to some who expected that grey markets will somehow ease the prices for selling the much anticipated Apple product.

Previously, the UAE would get the iPhone a couple months after its US release. Which would allow grey markets to sell the smartphones at almost double the prices. While some choose to wait for an official release, others are willing to pay exuberant prices just to get on the latest Apple product.

We expected somehow these sellers will be more lax in pricing the iPhone 7 but it looks like nothing has changed – considering that there is a shortage of iPhone 7s in the country with most retails shops including the official Apple Stores having exhausted all their stocks.

Various online shops in the UAE may have the iPhone 7 in stock – but it costs range from 200 to 2000 (!) dirhams more than the retail price.

Pricena, a website that compares prices of certain good from other online retail websites currently shows the iPhone being out of stock.

But if you make a specific search, for example the Black iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB (the model I’m keen on buying), it shows the varying prices the smartphone is being offered. It’s price is supposed to be 3499 AED.

MyGSM.ae is currently offering that same model for 5499 AED, 2000 AED more than the asking price. Another website, MySky.ae, is currently offering that specific model for more than 12,000 AED. Even check local classifieds site Dubizzle and you will see a plethora of sellers seeking prices double, or even triple of the suggested retail price.

These sites don’t belong to the familiar crop of popular e-commerce websites so we can’t vouch for its credibility – but if you are a fan who can’t wait to get your hands on the new iPhone (considering you are willing to pay any amount for it), then we won’t stop you.

[Image credit: Dubizzle]

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.