Linksys at GITEX: This is the first ‘true’ gaming router
October 10, 2017

Device was officially launched at GITEX Technology Week.

Linksys has always been synonymous with networking peripherals and while that mostly applies to the SMB sector, this year they’re branching out to a whole new different category: gaming.

Yes, the recently announced WRT32X is making it official regional debut at GITEX Technology Week, and promises to be one best peripherals that a gamer could ask for. We had a chat with Linksys Managing Director Amanullah Khan, who gave us an overview of their current activities at the show.

The WRT series of routers has been one of the few routers from the company that has been on sale of a couple of years which proves is popularity with the prosumer crowd. “Basically the WRT series offers one of the best hardware and software combinations you will find on a router,” said Khan and they’re building on that foundation to offer the WRT32X.

Linksys Managing Director Amanullah Khan

To do this, Linksys has partnered with Rivet Networks their networking technologies and partner it with the killer hardware it offers, resulting in the WRT32X. But why is that relevant? Khan said that most gaming routers available at the market at the moment aren’t ‘true’ gaming routers. He also addressed the need to deliver better networking peripherals since gaming has already grown into a multi-billion dollar market, citing important events such as eSports competitions that saw cash prizes of up to 10 million dollars.

“As we all know, the biggest problem that most gamers face today is ping rate,” said Khan, who emphasized that high ping rates usually is the reason why some gamers have difficulty playing online (as well as a major source of frustration for some). A spec sheet for the WRT32X showcased that it can reduce the peak ping rate from 74 milliseconds down to 17 milliseconds – a feat that even more expensive routers can’t manage to do.

Linksys is also enjoying the positive response for the launch of the Velop, which is the company’s first Mesh-based network solution (Read our review here). It’s been months since the launch of the Velop, and Linksys did emphasize is that it is listening to consumers and is fully updating their products to meet their needs. One instance is the continuous addition of features for the Velop, including improved Parental Controls and a new web-based interface (the initial launch of the Velop would only allow you to configure it via an app).

But that’s just the start – Khan concluded that better and improved Mesh and gaming devices will be coming in the next year..

You can still catch Linksys’ current portfolio of products for consumers and SMBs at their stand in GITEX Technology Week which runs until this Thursday.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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