Loto Libanais launches a new social media campaign: Must-see video!
April 21, 2015

In partnership with BBDO Dubai, Loto Libanais launched a new social media campaign to encourage more people in Lebanon to play the lottery by making them feel luckier.

Seeing as how most Lebanese people see black cats as bad luck, the idea of collecting them and flying them out of the country came about.

How exactly was this done? Press and Outdoor Media conducted a nation-wide search by calling people and asking them to call the Loto Call Center whenever they were to see a black cat. With this, a specially-assigned crew was called upon to rush to these locations and pick up the cats to fly them out to New Zealand.

Loto Cats (1).jpg

New Zealand stands among Japan, Ireland, and Great Britain as the four countries around the world that actually see black cats as good luck.

The cats flown to New Zealand were of course treated like royalty as they enjoyed a laid back time there before returning to Lebanon, as you’ll see in the video below.

The social media initiative has gone viral with the hashtag #GoodbyeBadLuck.

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