Makook Special: Reality Check – What is Smart Living?

April 29, 2015

Smart cities, Smart buildings, Smart homes, Smart energy, Smart health, Smart mobility, Smart technologies, Smart services… it appears that everything is getting pretty ‘smart’.  But, what does ‘Smart Living’ mean for most of us who are trying to get on with our lives, do our jobs, raise our children and be happy?

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Some would have you believe that an environmentally smart home should among other things, be buried in the ground for minimal heating and cooling, have a roof of solar panels and its own personal farm attached, and be entirely rewired with multiple control panels mounted to the walls and on the tables, in order to control various devices, recycle everything you use and be completely carbon-neutral. A daunting thought by any means.

Smart Living however does not really mean going to extremes and spending a king’s ransom to overhaul your home.  That would not be very smart – pun intended.  Instead, to be truly smart, the technology, products and their integrated use should be an adaptive adjustment to your life and should grow and expand with you. 

As a starting point, look at everyday things that you would like to make ‘smarter’ in your life.  For example, you may want to have all of your entertainment available from one place, most of it on multiple devices and some of it from anywhere you have a WiFi or internet connection: your movies, music and photos being securely available to you wherever you are, and as simply as you normally watch TV.

You may want to reduce the moments of panic as we all forget things we need or want to do in the mix of our busy lives. You might be a very relaxed person while at home. However, when you are not home, you are sometimes bound to have the nagging doubts crowding your mind regarding the safety and security of your kids, spouse and valuables.

You might also be wondering if you have locked the front door or left the lights on! If nothing else, you may just want to know what your kids are doing at home – whether they are doing their homework or watching TV – or when the baby wakes up.

Smart Living can help you put all of these worries to rest. It can also make your life easier and more convenient. Who among us wouldn’t love it if the house door opens automatically when you arrive and the lights turn on? Or, who wouldn’t love being able to control lighting, entertainment, temperature, security and monitoring systems through a remote control, your mobile phone or tablet device. This is not only convenient but also makes these devices much smarter on your behalf as well.

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This extends to education and health also.  Although these areas are just starting to develop quickly in the ‘Smart’ arena, they are an important part of everyone’s life that will become increasingly accessible and convenient through Smart Living. Suppose the teacher has education tools accessible on the family TV of his students and suppose that your healthcare provider can be alerted when your aging relative has not left his bedroom by 10.00 am!

Technology has already changed the way we connect and communicate, but now it is changing the way we live, for the better, and it is the sole focus of Makook Smart Living.

Makook is connected; we provide the first managed service delivery platform to enable ubiquitous and simple access and interactions between people, data, services and devices.  This delivers what others have only promised: a truly seamless connected life where everyone and everything speak the same ‘digital language’ and interact in ways never possible before.

Makook is instrumented; we deliver entertainment, education, health and wellness, a private cloud, home security, automation, energy management, and enhanced communication services, all on a single managed platform.  From devices like mobile/smartphones, TVs, tablets and PCs to utilities like security systems, thermostats, and glucometers, everything lives on the same platform and speaks the same language. 

Makook is intelligent; we are not a technology company or even about technology.  Instead, we are about bringing meaningful lifestyle experiences to people in a new world of hyper-connected devices.

Live Smartly Ever After.

by micha
Micheline has a a sweet-tooth for dark chocolate and cappuccinos, an almost obsessive-compulsive aversion to dust on Blu-ray discs, and a passion for regularly playing tennis on her Nintendo Wii. Matched with her love of writing, she is the Editor of T3 Middle East's Levant English publication and English website, and the Associated Editor for the GCC English publication.