Need a home decor guide? These apps should help

March 6, 2014

Furnishing a house and deciding the exact measurements for placements of certain pieces is no easy task. The smallest detail can end up being a mission to complete if you’re not careful on making the right choice from the start. In need of interior designer advice, but prefer to do it yourself? Okay, well maybe with a tad of help. We’ve chosen 5 apps that can help you around the house. Whether you’re redecorating or doing everything from scratch, it’s time to simplify your life.


iOS 6.0+: iPhone, iPad, Touch


This app has the largest database of housing ideas available online to cater to its users’ needs. It offers over 2 million high-res photos to style just about any room with your own virtual ideabook.


Room Painting Ideas

Android 2.2+

Get  a gallery of beautiful home painting ideas and designs for all rooms. From the living room to the bedroom, choose from 100 different paint option images. You can save the pictures or share with others.


Home Design DIY

home design DIY.jpg

iOS 4.3+: iPhone, iPad, Touch

Rearrange your room by having this digital interior design assistant create and implement visual plans, use a space programming checklist and create room templates.


Kids Room Design

Android 2.1+

Kids and teenagers could be quite picky when having to choose their rooms’ design so this app is perfect for choosing from a variety of ideas with different colors for boys and girls that can be saved and shared.


Homestyler Interior Design

Android 3.0+


Experiment with real products to get your own interior design projects going.  Go with 3D models of real furniture and even hang lighting fixture from the ceiling with different item combinations to make the virtual a reality.





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