Nvidia’s new GPU asks: The Dark Side or the Light?
November 8, 2017

Nvidia releases new Star Wars-themed GPUs.

PC users would always tell you it’s great to show off hardware especially inside a see though casing but Nvidia up the ante with their new graphics cards made especially for Star Wars fans.

As excitement for the new movie grows, these new GPUs is actually the GeForce Titan Xp in a Collector’s Edition version that comes in two versions – a Galactic Empire GPU that has glows a red color, and the Jedi Order card that comes in a green color.

Seeing as that these are Titan Xp GPUs, they’ll be able to deliver the power that you need, but it will be very expensive. Selling price has been quoted at $1200, and will be available starting November 17th.

So if you’re a true Star Wars fan, maybe it’s time to upgrade your PC and choose if you’re on the Dark Side or the Light.

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