Pioneering the semiconductor industry with MediaTek

October 26, 2016

New technologies introduced during GITEX Technology Week.

Once you hear about MediaTek you can only think about the SoCs (systems-on-chip) that power most smartphones at the moment. But the company is planning to take that technology even further, placing CPUs not just in smartphones, but also in tablets and event IoT devices. Some of these devices were on display during the recent GITEX Technology Week.

“GITEX is a great opportunity for MediaTek to demonstrate its innovative chipset technology including features like Imagiq and MiraVision that deliver unparalleled user experiences to help Mobile device makers differentiate their products,” said Rami Osman, MediaTek’s Director of Corporate Sales for MEA. He also added that MediaTek is supporting regional Smartphone brands to test and validate their LTE-Advanced handsets on regional carriers’ networks with VoLTE being one of the most important features that is available on all of MediaTek’s’ LTE platforms.

Rami Osman, MediaTek’s Director of Corporate Sales for MEA

Some of the devices that were on display during the show highlighted the company’s latest CPUs, including the Helio X25, Helio X20 and Helio P10 as well as the MT6737 and MT6750, which was launched with the InnJoo 3 smartphone that was also announced during the event.

Additionally, its MT2502 and MT7688 CPUs will support various IoT devices, in which the company is providing Wi-Fi/BT/GSM development kits to harness the power of the SoC.

A few of the MediaTek’s groundbraking technologies include Imaqiq, which is a new image signal processor used on smartphones that allow faster captures without compromising on image quality. Another is MiraVision, a hardware and software suite that offer the best in display quality technologies and lastly BluLight Defender, the company’s own blue light filter that significantly reduces bright light from the display when using the smartphone at night without compromising on color and image quality.

Look out for a few of these technologies with upcoming devices in the next couple of weeks.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.