Secure Messaging: The Best and Worst Apps
April 13, 2016

We check out some of the best (and worst) messaging apps out there.

Just a few years back, SMS and calls were the best ways to communicate with our loved ones. With the advent of mobile apps taking over smartphones, it has been made even easier to talk to those who are far away from us.

At the moment, there has been a plethora of messaging apps that are being used by users for everyday communications – but beware since a majority of these apps is not as secure as you may think.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best and worst messaging apps in terms of security so be sure to check your favorite one this list.

The Good:

WhatsApp – Undoubtedly one of the top messaging apps available, WhatsApp has stated as a mere alternative to earlier messaging apps and has now grown to be one of the best platforms for messaging. Add to that the recent enabling of end-to-end encryption now also make one of the most secure platforms.

Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp all belong under the same company, so you can expect the same encrypted messaging features. In Facebook Messenger though, you can also add various stickers and import content from other platforms for more fun when chatting with your friends.

Telegram – This was one of the first apps that promised true encryption while chatting and even includes an option to self-destruct a message after it has been sent.

The Bad:

Yahoo! Messenger – Ah, remember the days when you had thousands of contacts you can chat with on Yahoo! Messenger? Even if the company has tried to revamp the interface and its features, we still get random chat bots asking you to view your profiles – you know what  I am talking about.

Snapchat – It may be one of the most popular messaging platforms available, but the recent leaks of various chats, images and video also make it a not so popular choice when it comes to secure messaging.

BBM – BlackBerry Messenger was the top app back when the company was the top choice in smartphones but as that one was overturned by the likes of Apple and Samsung, BBM somehow became the least preferred form of messaging. It may be secure, but it would suck if there’s only a few users left still on the platform.

Anything on the list we should have added? Give it a shout out on the comments below!

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