Selfie shootout: Why the Huawei nova 3 takes better selfies than the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy A8+
August 4, 2018

We pit two smartphones against the Huawei nova 3 to see which one takes the best selfies.

Selfies have already become part of our everyday lives. Even your friends who would say they are not into selfies will usually still have a few images of themselves on their smartphones. We usually hear about the different innovations that companies have come up to showcase their cameras, but so far Huawei’s nova 3 is the one smartphone that takes selfies seriously.

The Huawei nova 3 comes with dual front-facing cameras that’s AI-enhanced so it can get the best possible shots. It features a f/2.0 wide aperture lens on one 24-megapixel sensor and another 2-megapixel broad-spectrum colour sensor that can help you get those awesome depth-of-field ‘bokeh’ effects.

The Huawei nova 3’s camera also comes with a set focal length of 35 mm. There’s also an AI-enabled beauty algorithm that has seven skin tones and textures that users can choose to customise their selfies.

Additionally, the AI built into the Huawei nova 3’s camera enables it to recognize more than 200 different subjects and surroundings from blue skies to flowers. This helps the camera take even better selfies by highlighting not only you but also your surroundings.

To prove this, we’ve pitted the Huawei nova 3 against the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy A8+ and see how it would perform in different scenarios and conditions when taking selfies – and we’re telling you now, there’s clearly only one that stands out.

The outdoor selfie

While the iPhone X has a taken a clear picture, the Huawei nova 3 still shines, especially with AI selfie. The sky is bluer without losing detail on the subject, and the black colour of his hair stands out. Even the shot from the Huawei nova 3 without AI still looks marginally better than the one taken from the Samsung Galaxy A8+.

The outdoor selfie with a busy background

Look at the following selfies taken above set against a coloured background. The shot from the iPhone X appeared saturated and darker because of the shadows while the one from the Samsung Galaxy A8+ just looks washed out. Again, the Huawei nova 3 strikes the perfect balance by offering deeper colours of green and making the black levels stand out without affecting the face tones. See how great she looks from the Huawei nova 3 selfie?

The outdoor night time low-light selfie

This is where we get to see the true capabilities of the Huawei nova 3’s AI camera. Surroundings with low light are usually are hard to shoot, but not for the Huawei nova 3. The shot that was taken from the Samsung Galaxy A8+ clearly lacks detail and is blurry for the most part. The one shot on the iPhone X is still oversaturated and the camera’s focal length makes it look like the person has a bigger and distorted face. But look at the shots taken from the Huawei nova 3 – skin tones, black levels, and even the prints on the shirt of the subject all show near-perfect detail.

The outdoor backlight selfie

Selfies that are taken against the light usually appear dark, or even too bright when the exposure isn’t properly set.

On the iPhone X, you can barely see the background with lesser details on the face. It’s too bright and you’d hardly make out the sun in the background. On the Samsung Galaxy A8+, you can see the background, but the subject is so dark you can hardly see her face.

As expected, the AI on the Huawei nova 3’s perfectly showcased the colours not just on the subject but also on the background without losing quality and detail. The subject’s face is smoother and the background colours perfectly complement what she’s wearing.

This just proves how the Huawei nova 3’s camera takes the best selfies by using AI to retain the clarity, detail, contrast and especially the colour. The added scene recognition and beautification options also make it the perfect smartphone that takes the best selfies.

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