Spring Break Preview Travel Tech
March 31, 2014

Spring break is on the way and you’re going to need the right gadgets to make your getaway more joyful and relaxing. The following picks are chosen from the March issue so be sure to look through it for the list of gear that will make you wish you could stay in the city, beach, or with the fam even longer than those few allotted days off. And well, if you’re stuck on a business trip, whoever said not to mix business with pleasure is mistaken.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio


Blogging about your travels? An iPad is compact and powerful, but not much cop for typing. This sleek ‘n’ slim Bluetooth keyboard will turn it into the ultimate notebook, whilst also protecting it from abuse.

Approx. $145, logitech.com


LifeVenture Scale


What’s worse than queuing at the check-in desk? Queuing at the check-in only to be hit with an excess baggage charge due to toy overload. Use these tiny LCD-screened scales beforehand and avoid the aggro.

$25, lifeventure.co.uk


Grace Digital EcoXBT


Want to soundtrack your swim? This waterproof Bluetooth speaker looks chunky on land, but floats gracefully across the waves, kicking out up to 10 hours of powerful tunes.

Approx. $145, exogear.com


Sony AS30 Action Cam

sony cam.png

A holiday this active deserves HD videos rather than snaps. The compact AS30’s 170-degree Carl Zeiss lens and underwater housing (safe to 60 meters) will capture all of your extreme exploits, with the 120fps slo-mo mode amping up the tension.

Approx. $415, sony-mea.com


Handpresso Wild Hybrid


Hotel room instant coffee never, ever cuts it- and you need a fine shot of espresso, like, stat. So fill this gizmo with boiling water, load some finely-grained coffee, squeeze vigorously and receive a crema-topped caffeine fix.

Approx. $150, handpresso.com


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