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March 11, 2014

The Geneva International Motor Show couldn’t help but grasp every car-lover’s attention even on the busiest days. With hot fast-laners like the following, you may have a replacement for your ultimate dream car.

Lamborghini Huracan


Quite the fitting name for this automotive beast that captures a whirlwind of power much like its “fighting bull” title. We thought of the term “hurricane” at first glance since it does appear to have the façade of a massive tropical storm ready to take the roads by storm. It seems that the Italian carmaker is going towards a more aggressive and killer look, which we’ve actually been finding to be more appealing. It has a 610bhp V10 to go from 0-100KPH in just 3.2 seconds.

The digital dashboard is definitely the looker with some curvy shaping and controls that resemble the inside of a top-notch aero menace. As the successor to the Gallardo, the feisty vehicle is priced at about $275,000 as the European base price since Lamborghini has yet to announce the US price tag.

Aston Martin Vantage N430


Do you agree with Bond’s preference? A vivid expression of the V8 Vantage, this Aston Martin comes with a conspicuously energetic exterior with contrasting color schemes that go along the front window and grille. The graphite grey wheels and their lightweight nature add to the contrasting schemes to make for a fierce-looking physique.  As for the interior, this piece of luxury has ‘dark’ and ‘light’ themes to choose from to characterize the cockpit. The sports seats that come with the N430 seat embroidery are lightweight too. As for the lighter theme, the Argento Grey leather mixes with the carbon fiber accents.

The Vantage N430’s 4.7L V8 engine provides optimal speed and agility. For the best cornering results and stability, the engine has been fitted in a very low position. One can choose a 6-speed manual gearbox, or a paddle-operated 7-speed ‘Sportshift 2’ automated manual transmission. Being lightweight at heart, the N430 is 20kg lighter than the V8 Vantage, which ultimately allows the car to pack in more control.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

bentely cont.jpg

Luxury is speaking loudly as it regularly does with Bentley, and with this one in particular, “speed” is the keyword. Dark tint 21-inch wheels complement the subtlety of the dark grille & lights. The front bumper intakes can’t be missed. A coupe like this one that combines an elegant look with speed is a definite winner. The GT Speed is a great choice for long-distance journeys in high speed. Bentley considers it to be the most powerful model so far from within its Continental line.

Going 0-100kph in just 4 seconds is an easy task for this luxe auto-dream which allows for a top speed of about 332kph. Speed is enhanced in this model thanks to the eight-speed transmission and refined turbocharger settings. Like the Continental GT, the GT Speed is also fuel-efficient. The fuel economy has been improved by 13% this time. One of our favorite aspects of the GT Speed is its touch-screen infotainment system. With a 30GB hard drive, one can get up to 15GB of music storage, too.


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