T3ME Instruments Week: Editor’s Pick of the Day 22 Jul

July 22, 2014

Alesis iO2 EXPRESS Compact Audio Recorder

alesis record 2.jpg

For those who are usually on the go, compact devices are a must, especially when you don’t want to compromise the quality of your voice recording. Whether recording as a self-proclaimed artist with a voice that competes with the likes of Elvis or Celine Dion, or just hiding your talent within the walls of home, this compact audio-recorder is an excellent interface for portable recordings. Featuring up to 24-bit resolution for input into practically any DAW, performance or recording software, the 2-channel USB device is a brilliant work of music art.

You can ascertain that you’ll pretty much get the entire signal from the microphone while recording since preamplifiers with a discrete design go side-by-side with 48-volt phantom power. This is topped off by top-notch analog-to-digital and vice versa converters to make sure when you play your recording back on the monitoring, it doesn’t sound like a stranger’s voice.

What’s most convenient about the Alesis iO2 EXPRESS? It can fit into your daily accessories like a laptop bag or backpack while simultaneously providing the high quality pieces necessary to record in a studio for optimal results. So unlike some commodities that make our life easier, this compact interface doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for quality.

$175, Instruments Garage +961 1 202 302



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