T3ME Instruments Week: Editor’s Pick of the Day 25 Jul

July 25, 2014

Pump up the bass with Ampeg’s BA-108 8” Bass Combo that gets you a mix of high performance features and a classic Ampeg tone.

If you’re not one that likes to take up much space or just don’t have enough room for placing the set in, this speaker’s 60-degree monitoring angle is perfect for making sure your space doesn’t look like a clutter-box.

ampeg 2.jpg

Front-facing controls are also featured along with others made for silent practice.

You can also connect your smartphone or iPod using the Aux input to play, and don’t worry if you go too crazy jumping up and down like a member of Linkin Park, only to find yourself knocking down the system.

Since it comes with a protective all-steel amp chassis along with corners that are impact-resistant thanks to the black metal, it’s pretty much as defensive as it gets.

The Ampeg BA-108 is portable and lightweight, too, at just 12.7kg.

$140, Instruments Garage +961 1 202 302



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