T3ME Style Tips: Armani Kind of Guy
April 29, 2014

No matter how much most of us like to play the sentimental role and say that true beauty lies on the inside, deep down we all know first impressions are really important and instantly affect the way we are perceived by others. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a negative thing, since unconsciously making an instant judgment when meeting someone for the first time is founded upon human nature. Whether you’re going on a first date, starting the first day of class, or going to a job interview, like it or not, you will be or have been judged at first glance. Style, without a doubt, significantly affects those perceptions. Wishing you were more of the fashion forward type? Check out our below picks from the 2014 Spring/Summer Armani Exchange collection to be just that, while keeping your inner tech geek persona intact. 

A Spontaneous Affair


You can’t go wrong with a sleek, white V-neck shirt over a pair of darker cropped, washed-out jeans for a casual day out. Heard of the expression, “la simplicité fait la beauté”? That perfectly described this look. To keep it simple, no pun intended, you don’t have to wear a full-print shirt, or striped buttoned-up one in particular, to be stylish.

The Casual-Chic Rendezvous


Go for a touch of formality without the neck-tie. This gray color-blocked blazer brilliantly contrasts with the elegant, white pants. You can scratch the “no white after Labor Day” rule. If you prefer a single-tone blazer instead, feel free to go with the color of your choice, as long as it’s not too far from the regular color spectrum. Artistically speaking, white is technically the ‘absence of all colors,’ but let’s not abuse that actuality.  

Jetsetter Attire


Nothing screams ‘coming from a yacht ride in Europe’ like this wardrobe. Cool pastel-colored shorts matched with a chic, white buttoned-up shirt and a tanned belt give the ultimate finishing touch to a sophisticated attitude.

Accessorize Tech-fully

Finalize your style with a slick watch and sunglasses.

A/X Blue Face Watch

ax watch.jpg

Keep it classic with this blue-faced watch marked by a silver-toned chronograph style contrasted with a brown strap. It goes from sporty to formal, whatever your preference may be.

A/X Men’s Pilot Sunglasses

ar sunglasses.jpg

Choose between Matte Black, Antique Bronze, Ocean Teal (pictured) or Pumpkin Spice for your preffered sunglass tone. Very ‘Springy’ indeed, these sporty aviator glasses are great for all-around use. 

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