T3’s Favorite Summer Apps

June 17, 2019

Make the most out of the hot (and humid) weather.

Well, it’s official: the summer season in the UAE has officially begun. While some prefer the cold winter time, others actually enjoy the hot (and at times humid) weather. You always have the option to lock yourself inside your home or enjoy the beach before sundown when it’s less warm. There are tons of ways to enjoy the city even in the summertime, and here are some apps that should help you make the most out of the summer months in the UAE:

Dark Sky – Dark Sky may probably be our favorite weather app of all time. Yes, it’s paid, but what you’re getting is the most accurate up-to-the-minute reading on how the weather will be. This will at least give you an idea if going to the beach is the right choice.

Download Dark Sky on iOS and Android

Surfline – While we don’t get big waves for surfing here in the UAE, there’s always that one perfect day when all the conditions go right. Surfline is an app that can help you find the best surfing spots in your area. It even includes details about wind direction and tide level so you can plan your activity properly.

Download Surfline on iOS and Android

Lancaster Sun Timer – It’s branded, but this simple app from Lancaster will help you monitor sun exposure when you want to get the right amount of tan. Enter some details into the app including your skin tone, location, and SPF level and it will give you the ideal time that you should be under the sun.

Download Lancaster Sun Timer on iOS

Hopper – If you prefer leaving the country to a place with a cooler climate, you can always check on Hopper to see which flights are available. It estimates when flights usually become expensive you can plan around those dates so you’d always get the best prices.

Download Hopper on iOS and Android

Booking.com – My personal go-to app when booking hotels, Booking.com has been one of the premiere apps and service when looking for the perfect accommodation on your trip. You can filter out properties according to your needs, and you can easily book rooms which most of the time includes a free cancellation just in case your plan changes.

Download Booking.com on iOS and Android

Spotify – A trip to the beach would be a bore without music. With Spotify recently releasing the region, you can now stream millions of songs from your smartphone for free, or even take advantage of offline listening when you subscribe to the premium plan. If you’re not into music, you can always check out podcasts while you get your tan.

Download Spotify on iOS and Android

Netflix – If you prefer movies and TV shows like me, then it couldn’t get any better than having a Netflix subscription. Their content has increased over the years, so you won’t run out of things to watch. It also supports offline viewing, so you can comfortably watch Friends while you sit back and drink your mimosa by the shore.

Download Netflix on iOS and Android

Dubai Calendar – This app lists all of the official events happening in the city, whether it’s a shopping festival or a concert gig. It tracks all conferences, exhibitions and various other events happening in the city so you’re always in the loop on what to see and do.

Download Dubai Calendar on iOS and Android

Any other apps you think should be on the list? Give it a shoutout in the comments below!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.