T3’s Top Apps for the Summer

June 29, 2020

Make the most out of the sunny weather.

In case you didn’t notice, summer has officially started here in the UAE. While many would prefer flying outside and enjoying the rest of the season in cooler weather, that won’t be an option for some considering the ongoing situation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy staying safe here.

Here’s a list of apps that can help make the most out of the summertime months in the UAE:

Weather – There’s a good chance that your iOS or Android device has a native weather app. While you’ll likely use this app for monitoring the temperature and humidity, you can refer to this app for your UV Index as well. UV Index measures the amount of ultraviolet light that is emitted from the sun. Measured from Low to Extreme, it lets you know how dangerous the sun’s rays are so you are aware of how long you should be out.

Dubai Calendar – While most public gatherings are now canceled or postponed, most of the events happening around the city are now taking place online. Dubai Calendar lists down all the events that are happening in the Emirate, whether it’s business or leisure related. The latest on the list? Dubai Summer Surprises which starts on July 9th.

Download Dubai Calendar for iOS or Android

TraceCovid – We already featured TraceCovid before, but at a time when you’re allowed to go out but still be aware of your surroundings, this app can give you about updates on how the UAE is battling the epidemic. The app also uses Bluetooth as a form of contact tracing which can alert you if you may have been in contact with someone who is infected.

Download TraceCovid for iOS or Android 

Booking.com – If you can’t fly out during the summer, why go for a staycation instead. As hotels around the country have started to reopen, there’s a lot of deals and offers that you can take advantage of. 

Download Booking.com for iOS or Android 

Spotify – What’s summer without some music, right? Now is a good time to use Spotify since they’ve just released customized playlists made for the summer – something to keep your mind off things.

Download Spotify for iOS or Android 

OSN – For 35 AED a month, OSN gives you access to local and live content along with exclusives from Disney+ and HBO. This means you can binge-watch on The Mandalorian and then start streaming Watchmen right after.

Download OSN for iOS or Android

Photoshop Camera – Released just a few days ago, this app harnesses the power of AI to turn your images into works of art. Guided by Photoshop’s image manipulation features, even simple shots at the beach can turn into something more memorable.

Download Photoshop Camera for iOS or Android

Any apps that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.