T3’s Top Gadgets of 2017
November 22, 2017

Which one is your favorite?

2017 saw a plethora of gadgets being launched almost every month. From gaming devices to smartphones, you wouldn’t run out of gadgets to choose from. While compiling a list of our favorite gadgets would yield more than a hundred gadgets, here’s 10 of our favorites:

Nintendo Switch – Nintendo’s hybrid console was a massive hit thanks to the fun ways you can play with it along with games that make it a must-have. Despite a relatively slower hardware compared to the ones from Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo proved that it still has something new to offer. It already has a growing list of games, which makes it a definite must-have for everyone.

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Insta360 One – 360 cameras have started to become popular, but Insta360 is one of the companies that actually made it fun. The Insta360 One is their latest camera that fits on any iPhone with a Lightning port (Android version is coming soon) and offers more than just 360-degree shooting, but you can even do bullet-time shots (just like in the Matrix) using a clever trick embedded in the hardware and the app.

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Huawei Mate 10 – Despite fierce competition from Samsung and Apple, Huawei has managed to be one of the top smartphones brands in the world. Its combination of excellent hardware along with features that make it stand out from the others easily make it a top alternative from an iPhone or Galaxy device. The Mate 10 is one of them – a superfast smartphone that features an intelligent processor along with one of the best cameras is the reason why it’s our favorite smartphone this year.

Xbox One X – The supercharged Xbox One X finally made it into stores just a few weeks ago and it did not disappoint. True 4K HDR gaming was one of its highlights, which was made possible by upgraded hardware. The addition of various games that take advantage of the new console easily makes it one of the must-have devices this holiday season.

Apple Watch Series 3 – There have been countless smartwatches being released through the years but the Apple Watch (now on its 4th generation) still reigns as one of the best. The design might not match the ones that run Android Wear, but functionality-wise Apple has nailed it. It’s easily one of the best smartwatches and fitness trackers available at the moment.

Google Home Mini – Google already had a great smart speaker in the form of Google Home – but it’s little brother the Mini combines the same smart features in a smaller and cheaper package.

Sphero R2-D2 – Sphero’s BB-8 droid was one of the most in demand gadgets right before The Force Awakens opened in theaters. This time, Sphero’s back with a similar droid in the form of none other than R2-D2. Controlled using an app, R2-D2 walks, talks and even reacts just like the one in the movie, making you wish it came in a bigger size.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ – Bose will always be one of our favorite brands when it comes to audio and their latest SoundLink device in the form of the Revolve+ cements their expertise in the audio market. It’s small, portable yet incredibly loud, the Revolve+ manages to wow us with its incredible sound output.

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iPhone X – Yes, it costs more than 4000 AED, but the intricate technologies embedded in Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is definitely worth it. It literally is the best iPhone they’ve done and you will get to realize that when you experience how fast and smooth apps launch and render. Did we mention it has a badass camera as well?

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Microsoft Surface Pro – The Surface Pro maybe one of our favorite tablets ever. With every year, Microsoft fine tunes the device to make it one of the best performing tablets we’ve tested. It’s portable but also equally powerful. Something even full-blown notebooks can’t do.

Did you have any gadgets that didn’t make it on the list? Give it a shoutout in the comments below.

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