This is why you’re getting all those ‘Privacy Policy’ emails

May 27, 2018

GDPR privacy law came into effect last weekend.

I’m sure you may have had a couple of emails in your inbox detailing about some company’s updated privacy policy or a message asking you to update your subscription preferences, even from companies that you may have unwillingly signed up in the last couple of years.

These emails are in response to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new European Union law that took effect last weekend. This law was established to protect users on how companies collect and use their personal data. This digital privacy law passed two years ago in 2016, and it gave companies two years to today to fix their data collection policies.

But of course, not everyone will inform you until the last minute, which is why you’ve been getting those privacy emails in your inbox for the past week – which I’m sure you won’t even read in full. I honestly read a few, but considering that I got more than 20 emails in the past week about the same subject, I was just deleting them without checking their content.

The GDPR was created since we are not at a time where most users have their personal information online without realizing that they’re giving more than what they’re supposed to. With data breaches happening left and right, something is needed to prevent companies from obtaining and misusing that information. GDPR aims to ensure users that companies will only collect data that is needed and will be used in the strictest way possible, else face the tough penalties that come with it.

Even if GDPR mostly relates to users in the European Union, it also affects companies that have operations in the region or have their services offered in it – this means that literally every company is directly affected by the GDPR law.

You can argue that may not be properly implemented, but many are welcoming GDPR as a new step towards protection of personal data of users, which now revolves mostly on online transactions and social media.

Did you get any of the privacy policy emails concerning GDPR? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.