This robot can swing like Spider-Man

February 4, 2020

It will be part of the upcoming attraction at Disneyland.

This summer, Disney will finally open one of its Marvel-themed areas to the public, which will showcase various Marvel characters that will take you on a real-life adventure. The first of these Marvel-themed areas will open at California Adventure park this summer.

But what makes it so special? A stunt robot is being developed that can mimic the acrobatic skills of Spider-Man, right from the jump to posing while posing in mid-air. The robot was first teased on The Imagineering Story, a documentary about Disney parks around the world that premiered on Disney+.

The clip showed an animatronic robot capable of jumping high and ultimately landing on a net – no word yet if it can actually land on its feet like Spidey. Still, seeing a robot recreate Spider-Man’s signature moves is truly a marvel (pun intended) to look at. It may not look like Spidey, but a simple dress up and it could look something like the video below:

Looks more realistic right? We don’t know yet if this robotic Spider-Man can interact with the crowd, or if it will be simply jumping around the park to wow visitors. Still, this is a peek at how robotics have advanced over the years, from simple animatronics to one that can recreate animal movements (in this case, Spider-Man’s).

“When Avengers Campus opens this summer, guests will be recruited to become the next generation of Super Heroes. The campus will be home to a variety of new experiences giving guests the chance to feel the power, adventure and exhilaration of teaming up with some of their favorite Super Heroes,” said Scot Drake, Creative Executive for Marvel Global Portfolio on the Disney Parks Blog.

Spider-Man will be part of the bigger Avenger Campus that will open at California Adventure park this summer.

by Victor
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