Throwback Tuesday: Annual Photography Day in Jeddah featured Samsung’s NX30

June 3, 2014

The new compact system camera from Samsung, the NX30, was announced last month at the Photography Annual Day event in Jeddah, at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Photographers from across the country attended. They got to view a few of Samsung’s other new cam products like the NX Mini, which the brand claims to be “the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera,” as well as the new Galaxy K Zoom cameraphone.

Samsung NX mini.jpg

Jae Cheon Park, General Manager of Samsung Electronics, said: “The NX30 continues the evolution of our award-winning NX series of cameras, bringing with it new and improved features. Not only does this camera deliver the performance users demand, it is also easy-to-use so that moments are never missed”.

The NX30’s 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor provides shots with high-quality details, so if you prefer to focus on a rich image and blur the background, you can. This is also possible thanks to Samsung’s NX AF System II, which allows for precise auto-focusing.

Photos taken while in fast-paced motion and for a very short period time are caught clearly with this cam thanks to the fast 1/8000 sec Shutter Speed and 9 FPS Continuous Shooting feature.

When it comes to connectivity, Samsung’s SMART CAMERA technology comes to the rescue with high connectivity elements based on the NX30’s NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities. Users can use the ‘Tag & Go’ function to tap and share memories.

You can transfer images to a smartphone or tablet using the cam’s Photo Beam feature by just touching both devices together.

With MobileLink, users can even send multiple images to four smart devices simultaneously.

NX30 18-55mm_029_Dynamic11_black.jpg

Dropbox comes preloaded on the NX30 in some regions. That makes the cam the first camera-specific device to have the feature of uploading directly to Dropbox.

Another first? Also in some regions, users can upload high-res images to Flickr. The advanced connected features of the camera allow users to instantly upload photos, therefore removing the worry of over-packing the camera memory.

The next-gen DRIMeIV Image Processor with a powerful DSP imaging engine brings a Full HD shooting experience and Full HD 1080/60p movie capabilities. This is ideal for movie makers who can also enjoy the 3.5mm microphone input the NX30 comes with.

Advanced video loyalists can take advantage of the cam’s HDMI live streaming with Full HD 30p output to watch their videos on a larger screen and more HDMI devices.

What else is there to like? The OLED display hasn’t just been saved for the tablets. Samsung has introduced OLED Color to be able to view contrasts and real color in pictures taken by the NX30. Great for a nature-packed travel destination.

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