‘Tis the day to go green in 6 easy ways!

April 22, 2015
  1. It’s April 22nd and you know what that means… it’s Earth Day. Brands like Google and the website committed to this special day celebrate the annual anniversary of what most people consider to be the modern environmentally friendly movement that began in 1970.  

    Commemorating the official awareness of the need to encourage a sustainable environment should not be limited to a day, so here are some useful tips on how to live eco-friendly lives.

  2. Wash your dishes using a dishwasher: It’s not only a faster method, but it’s been proven to actually save 37% of the water used to wash the same amount of dishes by hand. Additionally, you can use an “economy cycle” option if it comes on your dishwasher, or you can let your dishes air-dry rather than use the heat dry option on the dishwasher.
  3. Shop for groceries using your own shopping bags: Sure, it’s a lot easier to just show up to the convenience store and have your goods packed up in some plastic or paper bags, but if they’re going to go to waste anyway, what’s the point? You can invest in getting your personal reusable canvas bags to conveniently carry your grocery items. Another tip: make a grocery list before heading out to the store so you don’t forget anything and have to make the trip back, therefore wasting more gas, which equals more CO2 emissions.
  4. Cook wisely with your electronic appliances: Sometimes we end up throwing a small dish into a full-size oven and waste all that energy firing it up. Opt for a small convection oven or cooking toaster, instead. Microwaves have actually been found to save about half the amount of energy consumed by a conventional oven.
  5. Replace your energy-hogging light bulbs: We spend a bulk of our electricity bill on lighting. Studies have proven that we can in fact save about 725kg of carbon dioxide and almost $110 a year just on electricity costs by changing to energy-efficient lighting methods like LEDs or CFLS.
  6. Keep sending those e-mails:  Self-explanatory enough, save paper and trees that need to be cut down from forests than can be saved for later generations.  For example, at work, rather than writing small internal notes, just send an e-mail.
  7. Recycle! It’s easy, saves money and energy. This process in fact pioneered the start to the going green movement so make sure to check for your nearest recycling center to ascertain it’s done for your plastic, metal, and glass products. 
by micha
Micheline has a a sweet-tooth for dark chocolate and cappuccinos, an almost obsessive-compulsive aversion to dust on Blu-ray discs, and a passion for regularly playing tennis on her Nintendo Wii. Matched with her love of writing, she is the Editor of T3 Middle East's Levant English publication and English website, and the Associated Editor for the GCC English publication.