Top 10 things we love about Windows 10

July 22, 2015

Windows is shaping up to be Microsoft greatest operating system yet.

We are only a few days away until Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 as a free upgrade to eligible users. With the recent previews and first looks giving a more positive response compared to Windows 8, it seems that the new operating system is destined to become a hit with users.

Here’s some of the few features that we can’t wait to see:

Start Menu – Many consumers voiced their anger – or rather frustrations – on the new design of the Windows Start Menu in Windows 8. The good news is that the good old Start Menu is making a comeback while still retaining some of ‘Metro’ style tiles present on Windows 8.

For Developers – One reason why there were less apps made for Windows Phone is that developers realized there wasn’t much to gain since iOS and Android are proven to be better platforms. With Windows 10, Microsoft is offering developer tools that will easily let developers port their existing iOS or Android apps to the platform.

Search – A dedicated search bar will be present on the taskbar which will let you access or locate any information that you want, whether it’s an app or a web search. Bing of course, will be the default search engine.

Microsoft Edge – Microsoft’s newest browser is poised to make people forget about Internet Explorer. Early previews of Microsoft Edge showed that it can compete with current top browsers like Chrome or Firefox. It even supports Cortana, Microsoft’s own personal digital assistant.

Cortana – Speaking of Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant is getting its own spotlight. It can actively remind you of certain tasks, or even assist you on your searches or the current stuff that you are doing on your device. Microsoft is even rolling out Cortana as an app on iOS and Android.

Universal apps – A promised feature on Windows 10 includes support for universal apps – this means that only one app is needed to be made that will make it compatible across all Windows 10 devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop and notebooks.

Multitasking made easy – Task View is a new feature in Windows 10 that gives you an overview of all the windows that are currently open. You can then select the Window that you would want to see using your mouse. Windows 10 also adds support for multiple desktops.

Tablet Mode – Windows 10 will have a built-in tablet mode that will instantly activate the moment you detach the screen from the keyboard (if your device supports it). Windows 10 will then have a more touch-friendly interface, which includes larger icons for easier navigation.

Gaming to the extreme – DirectX 12 will make its debut on Windows 10 that will see the operating system giving special focus on improving gaming performance. An earlier preview also showcased Microsoft’s Xbox One enabling you to stream your games to a Windows 10 device.

Windows Updates – Bordering on the lines between convenience and annoyance, Windows Updates will now run automatically in the background unlike previous versions where it will constantly send you a message reminding you to install them. While that may seem like a convenience, it might still ask you to restart your computer every time you update – even when you are using it.

Windows 10 will be rolling out in phases starting July 29. It will be a free upgrade for the first year for existing users of Windows 7 and Window 8/8.1.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.