Top 5 Apps of the Day
April 9, 2015

Long week, or short because of all the action-packed tasks? Whether you’re on holiday or busy hitting the grind, if you missed out on Play last month, here are five of our fave apps to keep you busy, in a relaxing kind of way for the weekend.


iOS 8.0+: iPad, iPhone, Touch


News buff that wants to learn or perfect a language? If you enjoy getting the 411 on current events on a regular, but of course don’t have much time to waste on learning or improving a new language simultaneously, Lingualy combines these interests into one. Get the news that interests you in the language you want to learn and you can translate it along the way to make sure you don’t miss a productive second. Sweet, huh?


Hotel My Phone

iOS 7+: iPad, iPhone, Touch


If you’re like many who drain the phone’s battery before you can get to a charger in the time you need (long story, short, you’ve ran out of battery), this app lets you send and receive calls and texts from your number, on someone else’s phone. So don’t stress the next time you feel you have to run like a ninja to grab the charger as you’re caught up in Battlefield: Hardline, urging to order that filling pizza- late afternoon since you and your friend missed breakfast/lunch playing the game.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Android 4.1+


Whether you’re obsessed with Instagram or just enjoy the daily fix of uploading your photos to your preferred social media mediums, this app lets you edit, organize, and enhance any image. Whether you’ve taken it from your phone or DSLR cam, you can still enjoy it and the numerous likes each one will attract. Or… just frame them at home.


Social News Beta

Windows Phone 8+

social news.jpg

Microsoft wants you to take the matters of helping you to create and publish your articles and images with the utmost quality by using this app. If you want to make them super attractive and interactive at the same time, the apps lets you upload videos and images to do that, too. Get social the right way.


Weather Calculators

Blackberry 10.0.0+


Left the house to the office only get caught in an unexpected wind chill? Well, that’s not exactly an issue until you’ve realized you totally left your sweater at home before getting into the car and you’ve already invited friends over for an outdoor dinner at your place. With Weather Calculators, you can get rid of such an unpleasant situation and use about three calculators to determine wind speed, wind chill and heat index, to get the day’s “real feel” temperature.


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